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| SOLD OUT | 9°KINKA Esthetic Gold Travel Set


| SOLD OUT | 9°KINKA Esthetic Gold Travel Set


Golden Skincare Trial Treatment set especially for travelers.




The unique tradition of gold leaf craftwork has been around for hundreds of years. Kanazwa, Japan known as the marsh of gold is the world’s leading symbol of gold leaf craftwork tradition. 
Founded in 1973, Hakuichi is renowned to be the largest and only manufacturer of craftwork using gold leaf with an integrated line of processing and production in Japan. 

Founded in 1975, in addition to being the first brand to add gold to beauty skincare brand products, KINKA was also certified with the “quasi-drugs raw material specifications” status by the Japanese Ministry of Health. The purity of gold foil is 99.99%, far exceeding Japan provisions of 94.4%. The quality is far above other gold skin care brands in the market. KINKA’s mother company HAKUICHI is Japan's largest and best-known gold producer, with four factories in Kanazawa, Japan, one of the plants specializes in the production of gold KINKA skincare and cosmetics. HAKUICHI use leading production technology to create a wide range of gold products, and is still the world's largest blotting paper manufacturer provides blotting paper OEM to other major brands.

KINKA’s 99.99% gold, with its pure Nano which brings magical effect that is lacking in the run-of-the-mill beauty products in the market, directly penetrates the skin and accelerates cell metabolism and fights against free radicals. It also moisturizes the skin and delays the aging that results in a perfect glossy skin.

9˚Beauty KINKA travel set (Red / White)
Gold Nano Cleansing Foam: 15ml 
Gold Nano Soap: 10g 
Gold Nano Lotion: 10ml 
Gold Peeling Gel: 5g 
Gold Nano Essence: 5ml


Chamomile Extract, Collagen, Trehalose




Golden Skincare Trial Treatment set especially for travelers.

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