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| SOLD OUT | 9°ENARY Liftina Eye Gel

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| SOLD OUT | 9°ENARY Liftina Eye Gel



Best used after applying Enary's Moisture Eye Gel, Liftina creates a thin film to lock in the ingredients as well as lift-up the eye area treating the eye area while you sleep. Contains natural plant extracts formulated to target the delicate eye area.






 9°ENARY Liftina Eye Gel

Chitosan, hyaluronic acid, okra extract, peach leaf 

Ideal for overnight use after applying Moisture Eye Gel. Apply around the eyes to smooth and lift up the eye area & fine lines.


beautified to the 9s
Celeb beauty favourite  - 9°BEAUTY has carved a niche in Hong Kong by introducing world class skincare and cosmetics brands such as  gold skincare beauty brand KINKA and premium gold treatment brand, LUNAU, also from Japan, signature chitin beauty brand, ENARY, and from Spain, aromatherapy brand, CV PRIMARY ESSENCE. Through the years, 9°BEAUTY has become a celebrity favourite incorporationg our products to their skincare routine. 

Hypoallergenic | Repairs & regenerates |  Enhances skin immunity
    9° ENARY is the world's first skin care brand that combines chitosan with a skin care product. The natural hypoallergenic ingredients and the unique properties of the mild acid form a protective film on the skin surface, thuseffectively locking the moisture and nutrients and repair and enhance the skin’s immunity. It strengthens the antibacterial to fight against the bacteria, especially for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

9° ENARY skincare line is made with natural chitosan that is free of any petrochemical ingredients, colourings and fragrances, thus it is easily absorbed by the skin for an overall improvement in the texture to create the perfect skin.


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