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9°KINKA N Gold Capsular EX

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9°KINKA N Gold Capsular EX



Addresses the first visible signs of aging. Each golden capsule contains oil-soluble vitamin C and soluble proteoglycan. Use as an additional step to routine skincare. Repeat on specific problem areas.

Betaine, Vitamin V

Ideal for night use. Pump 2-3 times into your palm releasing the essence capsulated by the gold leaf. Massage evenly all over the face and neck. Apply again on specific areas of the face if needed.





beautified to the 9s
Celeb beauty favourite  - 9°BEAUTY has carved a niche in Hong Kong by introducing world class skincare and cosmetics brands such as  gold skincare beauty brand KINKA and premium gold treatment brand, LUNAU, also from Japan, signature chitin beauty brand, ENARY, and from Spain, aromatherapy brand, CV PRIMARY ESSENCE. Through the years, 9°BEAUTY has become a celebrity favourite incorporationg our products to their skincare routine. 

The unique tradition of gold leaf craftwork has been around for hundreds of years. Kanazawa, Japan located in Ishikawa Prefecture is  known as the marsh of gold with 99% of all gold leaf production originating from here. Kanazawa is the world’s leading symbol of gold leaf craftwork tradition, home of HAKUICHI. Established in 1975, HAKUICHI, headquartered in Kanazawa, Japan is renowned as the largest and only manufacturer of craftworks using gold leaf with an integrated line of processing and production in Japan. From this tradition they have evolved to modern life gold leaf products like interior gold, architectural gold, craftworks as well as skincare and cosmetics, uniting the old and the new in perfect harmony. In 1976, HAKUICHI pioneered the infamous, oil blotting paper that changed the beauty industry forever. Its origin came from the unique Japanese paper which was specifically prepared for beating gold during the process of gold leaf production and geishas recognized its oil absorbing abilities. This revolutionary product has been patented by HAKUICHI and the oil blotting paper marked its 40th anniversary in 2016.

Certified by Japan’s Ministry of Health and meeting the requirements of at least 94.4% of gold, HAKUICHI’s 9°KINKA products surpasses it at 99.99% gold content and are in compliance with international standards: ISO9001: 2008  not accomplished by ordinary skincare and cosmetics products on the market. KINKA’s pure gold leaf with nano technology penetrates the layers of the skin and accelerates cell metabolism to fight against free radicals.  Also contains hyaluronic acid and plant extracts to deeply moisturize  and delay skin aging resulting in flawless skin.

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